King Kong and Men

Hi everyone. Sometimes a day turns out to be so funny, the amusement just doesn’t stop.

The title itself is funny. Well it so happened, I was visiting home and was watching the new King Kong on TV. There is this scene where King Kong fights a giant dinosaur and saves the belle. The fight is damn ferocious with around 3 of those ugly beasts attacking King Kong. He fights them all, quite barbaric but entertaining nevertheless :P. Below is the exact fight given so you guys can relate it better.

So he fights them and after the last fight roars and thumps his chest in that typical King Kong manner.

That point I just realised that I have a Uncle who loves to say “Main mard hun” with a typical stance, that is so like the starting of thumping of King Kong and this particularly happens when you ask them to pick their plates up or help around the house. See the comparison is a little too much, let me turn to pictures to show the comparison. Next time you see a “man”, show him the comparison. What say ladies???



PG Dances

This is the best example of misrepresentation of words…

It so happened, that a training session was going on and one of those management games were going on to “break the ice”. The newbies were asked to talk to each other and repeat each other’s likes and dislikes etc. Hope yu get the idea.

So this once parter was a brilliant but tongue-tied fellow. He asked the girl her like, dislikes, what she likes to do in her free time etc. She happened to live in a PG and like all girls of her age loved to dance on silly songs (you know the saat samundar paar, chikni chameli types). She tld him that. Pretty harmless right? So she said “I at times love to dance in my PG on silly songs.”  Absolutely decent and cute (at least I think so).

So how does this brilliant guy say it in front of the trainees “My partner, loves to go to PGs and dance on silly songs”. LOL!!! I mean it comes out as imagine this:

Ting tong, Hi my name is ABC and I would love to dance in your PG.

LOL!!! Talk about nervousness. You got any stories of nervousness? Do share with me.


My first post…

This might be the most cliched and used up starting line ever.. But it pretty much says all…

The moniker is jocosilly (jocose+silly)… So it should explain the content more or less..

This blog is about the crazy/stupid/silly/funny things I see/hear/observe/do.

It sure should lighten up your day..Writing about those sure lightens my day up…

So first things first, thanks to a girl in the elevator I cam up with this blog’s idea. If I could observe and blog about such stuff, it will surely make us laugh when we need it. Lord knows how little an average adult laughs, just about 4-8 times a day. God definitley did not create us to be that miserable in life. 

So here it goes, my funniest moment today was…

A girl whips out her deodrant in an OFFICE ELEVATOR and sprays it on herself. And she does it so discreetly (surprise) under her wrap, as if we could not see what was happening. I mean really!!! 

Who does that? I could not for the death of me, understand what was going on in her brain? We have washrooms for god’s sake. I had to bite my lip from guffawing, which would have been ‘awkward’. But really who does that!!! This girl seemed sensible, was dressed up pretty fine. But did she throw her brains outside the elevator? And it is not that even we had only two or three people in there. The elevator was full. LOL… The look on people’s face was priceless. Wish I could “whip” out my camera and click that. Even after people came off the elevator, the surprise was pretty evident.

Hell, I should draw the cartoon to  express that..


It is tacky I know.. But it should serve the purpose of explaining my feelings for that time…

Lord help the place she was going into. Maybe she was going to a job interview, who knows and wanted to appear fresh as soon as she steps in the office.

Here ends my first post for today. I would love to have your comments and similar experiences inside and outside the elevator. Till then have fun, keep observing and may God help you trudge through the girls in the elevators…