I am a regular girl with a regular life. But then where is the fun? I have started noticing the world is a really funny place with something amusing always there to be shared and noted. So this is my humble attempt at adding laughter to your life. If you like these posts (and mind you, all  of them are “true stories” ) Keep those comments and likes coming :). Have fun reading my blog. Go on now and let the laughter float you around.


2 responses to “About

  1. Shameesh Vasudev ⋅

    I laughed out aloud at the PG part! (Since I was the ‘chashmadeed gavaah’ of the poor girl’s scenario. Especially like the editing. Keep the posts coming.:)

  2. Neer ⋅

    really loved it laughing out loud… i cant stop but imagine the girl face when that thing happened..:)

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