PG Dances

This is the best example of misrepresentation of words…

It so happened, that a training session was going on and one of those management games were going on to “break the ice”. The newbies were asked to talk to each other and repeat each other’s likes and dislikes etc. Hope yu get the idea.

So this once parter was a brilliant but tongue-tied fellow. He asked the girl her like, dislikes, what she likes to do in her free time etc. She happened to live in a PG and like all girls of her age loved to dance on silly songs (you know the saat samundar paar, chikni chameli types). She tld him that. Pretty harmless right? So she said “I at times love to dance in my PG on silly songs.” ¬†Absolutely decent and cute (at least I think so).

So how does this brilliant guy say it in front of the trainees “My partner, loves to go to PGs and dance on silly songs”. LOL!!! I mean it comes out as imagine this:

Ting tong, Hi my name is ABC and I would love to dance in your PG.

LOL!!! Talk about nervousness. You got any stories of nervousness? Do share with me.