English Ka Murder

OOOOOOF. Why do people have to use English when they clearly have no idea about what are they writing. It’s my pet peeve to see “English Ka Murder” happening in virtually every city. 

I am starting this series of posts where I will be putting up all the murders or attempt to murders that are out there on the street. 

I would love to hear if you have some of yours to post as well. They will give a laugh well deserved…


King Kong and Men

Hi everyone. Sometimes a day turns out to be so funny, the amusement just doesn’t stop.

The title itself is funny. Well it so happened, I was visiting home and was watching the new King Kong on TV. There is this scene where King Kong fights a giant dinosaur and saves the belle. The fight is damn ferocious with around 3 of those ugly beasts attacking King Kong. He fights them all, quite barbaric but entertaining nevertheless :P. Below is the exact fight given so you guys can relate it better.

So he fights them and after the last fight roars and thumps his chest in that typical King Kong manner.

That point I just realised that I have a Uncle who loves to say “Main mard hun” with a typical stance, that is so like the starting of thumping of King Kong and this particularly happens when you ask them to pick their plates up or help around the house. See the comparison is a little too much, let me turn to pictures to show the comparison. Next time you see a “man”, show him the comparison. What say ladies???